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Titanium ceramic handle utensil set 7 PCS Process: electroplating + color glaze Features: High temperature resistance, anti-scalding/easy to clean Spatulas, frying spatulas, soup spoons, colanders, rice spoons and other common items in kitchen life, organized and stored in combination Package: 1*hanging hook rack 1*colander 1*frying spatulas 1*rice scoop 1*soup spoon 1*noodle spoon 1*Spatulas 1*package box


  • Made of stainless steel, with beautiful and smooth lines, excellent corrosion resistance, not easy to deform, and high cost performance


  • Easy to clean, does not absorb odor, mirror polished to prevent rust and increase gloss


  • Insulated, anti-scalding, comfortable to hold The handle is made of high-temperature fired ceramic


  • Hook design: convenient for hanging and storage, say goodbye to clutter

3292 Stainless Steel Utensils 7PCS

SKU: 3292

    Kitchen Appliance