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  • ✅✅[HOME&COMMERCIAL]- 300W power&2200rpm, shaving ice capacity is 220lbs for per hour. Our kofohon ice shaver is not only suitable for your home or family needs,but also it is the best choice for your commercial or business use, such as ice-cream shop, restaurants, bars, canteens, cafes, schools, clubs, carnivals, banquets or your important festivals.
  • ✅✅[HIGHER ICE OUTLET]- Ice outlet's height of ordinary ice crusher is usually about 1.9-3.9inches so that only one plate can be placed under the ice outlet. Whatever, our electric ice shaver's ice outlet height is about 6.3inches from ice outlet to bottom, you can put plates, bowls, cups and most other taller containers under this ice outlet directly.

3089 Electric Ice Smashing (HQ)

SKU: 3089
  • Max 95 kg / hour

Kitchen Appliance