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507 Impact Drill 48 pcs Tools Set

What is in the Box

3PC Twist Drill:5-6-8 3PC Masonry Drill:5-6-8 3PC Wood Drill:5-6-8 1PC Bit ADA 1PC Bit Holder 9PC 25mm Bit:SL3-4-5,PH1-2-3,PZ1-2-3 9PC 1/4″ Socket:5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13 1PC A screwdriver5.8*100 1PC Cross screwdriver5.8*100 1PC Bit Handle 1PC Utility Knife 1pc electroprobe

1PC Measuring Tape:3m 1PC Combination Plier:6″ 1PC Adjustable Wrench:8″ 1PC Claw Hammer 1PC Plastic joint flexible shaft 1PC Spirit Level:9″ 1PC Hardware box 60PC 1PC Blow molding box 1PC Electric drill

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