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3106 Baking Tools 276PCS

1*9 inch non-stick lock baking pan round

1*7 inch non-stick lock baking pan round

1*4 inch non-stick lock bakeware

1*Slip Turntable Set

48 heads decorating mouth marking

7*Russian decorating mouth without number

1*6 inch curved spatula with black plastic handle

1*6 inch black plastic handle straight spatula

2*Stainless steel whisk

1*Stainless steel round handle cake spatula

1*7 inch black handle toast cutter

Pink translucent silicone spatula 21*4cm

1*Short handle egg white separator

50*disposable piping bag

2*12 inch TPU decorating bag 2-30 (blue)

9*color fondant carving pen

1*Beige decorating scissors

1*Double-headed brush

1*small decorative nail

2*Small transparent converter

1*Purple Russian three-hole converter

1*Purple Russian single hole converter

1*15 with heart-shaped chocolate mold

1*Stainless steel flour sieve

1*rose red silicone dishwashing brush 10.5*10.5cm

1*3 piece set of rose red scraper

1*White trowel

60*Brown disposable cake cup

6*Cake Silicone Cup 7cm

1*cake layerer

1*8 inch golden cake base with ears

8*cake card (random)

30*Cake flower bottom paper small

30*Cake flower bottom paper large

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