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3078 Sokany Stand Mixer 10 Litres

Features: 1. Color: Silver. 2. Multifuctional Machine. 3. High-standard & Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel Material. Safe and durable without rust, which is safe for baking. 4. 10L Capacity Bowl. Super Larg capacity and stir more easily, easily satisfy your food stomach freely control the serving size, avoid wasting ingredients. 5. Powerful Pure Copper Motor. Stirring without pressure, high power and high speed, fast heat dissipation and long life, "beating" the dough does not freeze. 6. 6+P Stepless Speed Adjustment. Different speed setiing meets your variours needs, and to help you treat every food with heart. Control Panel Speed Setting: 0------Stop. Setting 1-6------Operating speed. Setting 1------Minimum speed------slow. Setting 6------Maximum speed------fast. Setting P------Highest speed-ice crushed. - Rotating design is easy to use, twists gently and handy for installation. - Transparent anti-splash feed cover, let it guard the ingredients. - Food Grade Glass Blender, high temperature resistance and durable using. - Low Noise & Efficient Use. The low noise mixer does not make your kitchen particularly noisy, dirty and messy. It can be kneaded into dough, mixed with cakes, or used to obtain baby food, salads, juices, milkshakes. Process butter, sugar, cakes, and pizza faster, saving time and effort. - Humanized design, easy to add materials at any time, to prevent the material from splashing during stirring.

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